Sunsets & Kites:
Home is Where I Hang My Pot: poems and songs, fierce and gentle, from somewhere over the hill.

Sunsets & Kites: Scatterings of dark and light in poems, songs and essays

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Flloyd Kennedy’s first collection of poems, songs, and stories have been gathered together in much the same way as she has lived her life – moving from place to place when the need arises, stopping to take note of the chaos and the kindness she encounters, and sharing her ideas with a dry Aussie sense of the ridiculous.

She writes about her personal experience of life, not as memoir but as a means of making some kind of sense of life in general. Whether she’s celebrating the singing beetle, analysing the anatomy of despair, dreaming of a fantasy lover or exposing the nonsense of austerity and the so-called bottom line, Flloyd uses wry wit and a philosophical turn of mind to show the world in a different, scattered light.

Home is Where I Hang My Pot: Poems and songs, fierce and gentle, from somewhere over the hill

Available as print or eBook from Amazon.

Flloyd (with 2 Ells) Kennedy started writing poetry in her early teens, sending letters home from boarding school in tetrameter rhyming couplets. Her parents were not impressed.

Now in her eighth decade, her second collection of songs and poems draws on an avalanche of memories from a life uproariously lived and wryly observed, taking philosophically comic stabs at the world around her which, quite frankly, seems to have lost the plot.

No subject is too random: the life cycle of a pot plant, riding the CoronaCoaster, managing bouts of depression – her witty ramblings take advantage of the benefit of hindsight as she now hurtles precariously down the other side of life’s hill.

Shish Mahal Cookbook

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In 1982, Ali Aslam, proprietor of Glasgow’s beloved Shish Mahal restaurant, invited Flloyd Kennedy to adapt his recipes for use at home. The resulting collection was published by Alloway Press and dedicated by Ali Aslam to “the generous hearted people of Glasgow”, with proceeds going to the appeal for the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice, which was Glasgow’s wedding gift to the Royal Couple.

The cookbook has had numerous re-printings over the years. It provides over 50 easy to follow recipes from pakoras to Chicken Dhansak.

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