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Am I Old Yet?

This is the question I, Flloyd Kennedy, ask myself every day.  What does it mean to be ‘old’?  If the word only means ‘almost dead’, or ‘useless’, or ‘decrepit’, then how does a healthy, active, curious 77 year old woman describe herself?

In order to solve this conundrum, I started writing short audio sketches with a wryly comic touch about a fictitious woman who just happens to be my age, healthy, active and curious. People have encouraged me to write more, hence this podcast which isn’t really a podcast, it is more like an old fashioned radio soap opera (without the soap). Each episode is roughly 12 minutes long, including intro and outro, during which we hear Helen interacting with, being annoyed by and having loving connections with various members of her equally fictitious friends, neighbours and work colleagues.  Like me, Helen is from Australia, but that is where the similarities end.

After the first few episodes, for which I played all the characters, I began to invite actor friends and colleagues to take on various roles. To date they are:

Allana Noyes: actor and voice coach, based in Toowoomba, Qld, Australia.

Mark Porter: actor, novelist, playwright and all round legend, based in Liverpool, UK

Jane Vicary: actor and voice coach, based in Lancashire, UK.

Christopher McDougall: actor, singer, musical director, playwright, based in London UK.

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