Danger! Cliff ahead…

A few short weeks ago (how did that happen?) my greatest concern was that I wouldn’t be able to come up with fresh material in time to release weekly episodes. Now, the day Episode #17 “Neil Gaiman Envy” goes live, I’m in danger of over-achieving, with #18 already recorded and edited, and scripts for #19 and #20 ready to go.

I’m happy to offer advance access to donors and patrons, if you contact me directly. Otherwise, weekly it is. I’m reasonably confident that I can sustain that on a regular basis. Even as it becomes more feasible to take up outside work, there isn’t a lot of it about. I submit 2 or 3 self taped auditions a week, and if I get one job in 50, I’m doing pretty well. My white hair seems to be in demand.

Now I am starting to wonder if I should be writing longer—or shorter episodes? There are regular down-loaders who are listening to every episode, and there are those who just listen to one or two. Which are you? Do you find it entertaining enough to want to follow Helen’s interactions, her mini adventures? Would you be interested in a whole half hour, from time to time? Comment below!

I’m also considering my wonderful (and growing) team of volunteer actors, my fellow freelancers contributing their skills, their imaginations as they develop each new character. We are all mostly unemployed at the moment, and this is a way of keeping ourselves creatively occupied, if in a very small way. But perhaps I could write longer scenes for them, something for the show reel. I don’t know. Thinking about it.

Listen Notes is a podcast streaming site new to me. They invited me to be interviewed, you can read it here.

And here I am, reading a poem by the amazingly gifted poet Sandra Richardson. She is presently being cared for at the Marie Curie Hospice in Liverpool, with stage 4 cancer. This is for her fund-raising campaign on behalf of the Hospice.

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★★★★★ "Just what is old? You can’t help but love the lead character Helen as she tries to dodge the, “Are you alrights,” from her family and she searches for the true meaning of the word “Old”Flloyd is a master of timing and voices. Really enjoyable."

(shaaaaaarz UK)
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★★★★★ "Clever tales in a unique woman's voice. Flloyd’s mini-dramas are refreshing, witty and cleanly done. Acerbic yet sweet, like a fresh lemonade."

(nirmalajc US)
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★★★★★ Very interesting. Nice stories and nice delivery.  Looking forward to more.  (Fun 1894, US)

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"I have just found this piece of genius. What a talented performer Flloyd is. Some versatile acting provides us with four different and equally believable characters and the piece is written with truth and pathos. Beautiful editing too, I recommend it. And Flloyd, old? Never!" Sarah Macdonald

“Absolutely wonderful, almost sounds as if it was written by a real writer.” Bill Cooke, (who is even more twisted than Flloyd).