Gift of Friendship

Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes it is literally an intake of breath. That’s what happened to me, when I first unwrapped the Christmas present from my dear friend, Adele Grodstein, who also happens to be the mother-in-law of one of my sons. She is a wonderful artist, lives in New Jersey in the States, and frequently visits MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art, in Manhattan.

Frank Lloyd Wright Collection

The scarf she gave me is from the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection, and though the colours have faded a little over the years, I still adore it.

So that is the scarf that I decided a gaggle of young women from different parts of the world, who met up while studying in New York in the 1960s would have desired, and found a way to share. Episode 11 sees Helen receiving the scarf in the post, with no return address, so she has to resort to Facebook to track down her old friend. I don’t like Facebook any more than she does, but it does—as she says—have its uses.

I do hope you are enjoying the episodes. I’d love to know what, in particular, you enjoy about them, or even what you don’t like! What can I do better? Drop a few words in the comments below, or use this form to contact me privately.

Episode 12 is recorded, ready to publish on Friday. Yes! You will get to meet another one of those college buddies.

Published by Flloyd Kennedy

Flloyd has performed as a traditional folk singer, cabaret artist and street performer, as well as being founding artistic director of Golden Age Theatre, Glasgow. She performed in Scotland with a number of touring companies before returning to Australia in 1997. Now based in Liverpool, UK, Flloyd shares her experience with student and professional actors, professional men and women, community groups and youth theatres. The human voice in performance is her passion and she is deeply committed to encouraging everyone to explore their potential, in all walks of life. Flloyd Kennedy's approach to actor training has been influenced by some of the world's foremost voice and theatre practitioners, including Valerii Galendiev of The Maly Drama Theatre of St Petersburg (Russia), Anna Petrova of the Moscow Art Theatre School (Russia), Shauna Kanter (USA), Krszysztov Miklasewski (Poland), Frankie Armstrong, John Wright (England), Harriet Buchan (Scotland), Marcia McCallum (Australia) and Ira Seidenstein (Australia).

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