Swings and Roundabouts

It’s been quite a week, and apparently not just for me. A strange 7 days of nothing bad happening, but yet feeling stressed. And I’m happy to say, it seems to be waning—that stressed out feeling.

View from the kitchen table.

I’ve been staying at my son’s house, cat-sitting. I love the cats, but they do yowl, very loudly, at odd times of the day and night, for no discernible reason. And I love the trees over the back fence, which are fully loaded with birds chorusing throughout the day. Wonderful. I would post a little video for you, but WordPress won’t let me unless I pay up. But I’m happy with my little cheapo website for the moment.

The disadvantage of being here is that, what with the birdsong and the cats yowling, and the primary school playground just beyond the trees, I can’t record anything here. Apart from the birds…

Not the greatest recording quality, I apologise for that. Next time I’ll take the Macbook Pro out there and try again. It would be nice to be able to provide my own sound effects for Helen’s adventures. In the meantime, there is a wonderful website called https://freesound.org/ which has a phenomenal range of sound snippets contributed by people from all over the world. I slip a few pennies their way once in a while which doesn’t hurt either.

I’m heading home to my wee crone cottage tomorrow, with its sound box on the dining table and reasonably sound proofed double glazing—but sadly, minimal bird song. Hopefully have a new episode ready for you by the end of the week. I’d love to know how you find it. Are the episodes too long? Too short? Too many characters? Not enough characters? Please do drop me a line in the comments.

And yes, in case you didn’t notice, we are having stunning late spring weather here in Liverpool at the moment. Let’s make the most of it while we can.

Published by Flloyd Kennedy

Flloyd has performed as a traditional folk singer, cabaret artist and street performer, as well as being founding artistic director of Golden Age Theatre, Glasgow. She performed in Scotland with a number of touring companies before returning to Australia in 1997. Now based in Liverpool, UK, Flloyd shares her experience with student and professional actors, professional men and women, community groups and youth theatres. The human voice in performance is her passion and she is deeply committed to encouraging everyone to explore their potential, in all walks of life. Flloyd Kennedy's approach to actor training has been influenced by some of the world's foremost voice and theatre practitioners, including Valerii Galendiev of The Maly Drama Theatre of St Petersburg (Russia), Anna Petrova of the Moscow Art Theatre School (Russia), Shauna Kanter (USA), Krszysztov Miklasewski (Poland), Frankie Armstrong, John Wright (England), Harriet Buchan (Scotland), Marcia McCallum (Australia) and Ira Seidenstein (Australia).

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