A Proper Copper Coffee Pot

Yes, I do actually have one, a one-cup pot, picked it up in a second hand shop a couple of years ago. But I only started using it quite recently, when my lovely little DeLonghi semi-automatic machine died the death. It’s take me a while to get the hang of it, figuring out just how much coffee to how much water, how long to let the grounds steep before turning up the heat, how long to leave it after it has finished bubbling up and subsiding when the heat is removed.

Making coffee this way should be included in any list of ‘slow foods’, or just ‘slow down living’, because you absolutely dare not take your eyes off that pot until you turn off the gas before it bubbles over.

So this was the inspiration for this week’s episode of “Am I Old Yet?”. No, Helen doesn’t let it boil over, she manages to make a very different mistake…

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get Helen and her neighbour ‘Nana’ together for a conversation, and the relaxation of the garden visiting rules made it possible. Ah me, the times we are living in! Trying to keep it real, over here in my crone cottage.

I hope you are too, safely, wherever you are in the world. There are visitors from 9 countries so far! If you are enjoying the programme, please share it.

Thank you!

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★★★★★ "Just what is old? You can’t help but love the lead character Helen as she tries to dodge the, “Are you alrights,” from her family and she searches for the true meaning of the word “Old”Flloyd is a master of timing and voices. Really enjoyable."

(shaaaaaarz UK)
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★★★★★ "Clever tales in a unique woman's voice. Flloyd’s mini-dramas are refreshing, witty and cleanly done. Acerbic yet sweet, like a fresh lemonade."

(nirmalajc US)
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★★★★★ Very interesting. Nice stories and nice delivery.  Looking forward to more.  (Fun 1894, US)

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"I have just found this piece of genius. What a talented performer Flloyd is. Some versatile acting provides us with four different and equally believable characters and the piece is written with truth and pathos. Beautiful editing too, I recommend it. And Flloyd, old? Never!" Sarah Macdonald

“Absolutely wonderful, almost sounds as if it was written by a real writer.” Bill Cooke, (who is even more twisted than Flloyd).