Here I Go again…

So it’s not enough to write the scripts, play all the roles, record and edit the audio files—I have to create a whole new website as well!

Of course, I didn’t HAVE to. Just couldn’t help myself. It’s a bit dodgy at the moment, till I get used to the new system, but hopefully it will all make sense in a few days, and even more hopefully it will make it simpler for folk to find and enjoy the podcast.

Should I be calling it a podcast? I say yeay. It’s a short-form broadcast, sort of poddy format, so why not?

If you have thoughts on the subject, I’d like to hear them. Polite ones, of course.

Stay safe.

Published by Flloyd Kennedy

Flloyd has performed as a traditional folk singer, cabaret artist and street performer, as well as being founding artistic director of Golden Age Theatre, Glasgow. She performed in Scotland with a number of touring companies before returning to Australia in 1997. Now based in Liverpool, UK, Flloyd shares her experience with student and professional actors, professional men and women, community groups and youth theatres. The human voice in performance is her passion and she is deeply committed to encouraging everyone to explore their potential, in all walks of life. Flloyd Kennedy's approach to actor training has been influenced by some of the world's foremost voice and theatre practitioners, including Valerii Galendiev of The Maly Drama Theatre of St Petersburg (Russia), Anna Petrova of the Moscow Art Theatre School (Russia), Shauna Kanter (USA), Krszysztov Miklasewski (Poland), Frankie Armstrong, John Wright (England), Harriet Buchan (Scotland), Marcia McCallum (Australia) and Ira Seidenstein (Australia).

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